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Ved Krishna

Managing Director

Our Managing Director is our eternal optimist. Nothing seems to bring him down. We have faced numerous hurdles during his stewardship and he just keeps going. He has a keen strategic mind and is always in search for innovative ways for building business. He has been with the organization for over 14 years and has grown the company over 4 times. We continue to have great plans for the future that are drawn with his guidance and he continuously enthuses the team to achieve more and more.

suresh tripathi

Suresh Tripathi

Head of Production

Suresh is a hardworking person who is truly dedicated towards continuous creation along with taking care of the environment around us. He believes we are here to protect the earth and CHUK! is a chance to replace disposable products which are harmful. His post graduate studies in Mathematics help him appreciate the rigorous testing that CHUK! products go through. As he says, “I believe we produce a unique product which will create trust in consumers as each and every product is well tested.”

Sumant Pai

Sumant Pai

Head of Sales

Sumant is our Mr. Energetic! He has as diverse a background as possible – shipping, film making, human resources and production. Sumant has wide international exposure and an ability to connect with people. He is ambitious and looks to contribute towards the value addition and growth of the business.

mcarthur krishna

Kimberly McArthur

Communications Guide

McArthur is passionate about life. She earned a Masters in Communication and built her company Free Range Studios in the USA from a start up to a well-known design firm that worked on social causes. She has a brain that can look at issues and guide to a resolution. From her experience in running her own company for ten years, she gained business strategic experience combined with her acumen for aesthetics and design. She also has a deep commitment to Yash Papers’ CSR efforts.

avasesh tiwari

Avasesh Tiwari

Domestic Partnerships

Avasesh’s mantra for life is to keep on learning and improving. He graduated (B-Tech) from Jaipur National University, Jaipur and post graduated (MBA) in Marketing & Operations from Jaipuria, Lucknow. One key aspect of improving is that growth must sustainable– where the use of resources is no greater than the ability of nature to recover. He believes that for sustainable growth, we have to change our habits to compostable products. As Avasesh says, “I work for CHUK! because it’s a revolution in the disposable category that will help us to nurture nature in the best possible way.”

kartickeya kumar

Kartickeya Kumar

Domestic Partnerships

What is important for Kartickeya is to help people be happy—and he tries to leave every person he meets a little better. That’s good for CHUK! as Kartickeya works with our distributors in the north of India. To prepare for this position, he completed his MBA from Jaipuria Institute of Management in Marketing and Retail. As Kartickeya says, “I joined CHUK! because I wanted to create a better future for nature.”

saurabh kumar

Saurabh Kumar

Domestic Partnerships

For Saurabh, life is all about listening and being heard. The best listening happens when the information being conveyed is enticing—which is why he studied Marketing. Using his studies in Finance, Saurabh works to help our distributors be successful. He appreciates that working with the CHUK! Team means that he gets to collaborate to make a difference in the world. As Saurabh says, “CHUK! is giving me the opportunity to cure the bruises of nature.”

arun sengupta

Arun Sengupta

Design Consultant / UI Developer

Arun is an amazing problem solver. When faced with last minute craziness or unusual requests, he always finds a way to make it happen—while never losing his cool. He has a Masters in Information technology, worked for startups and MNCs in his career and now runs his own Design firm, Dezmi Design in India.